Saturday, December 1, 2012


I hate this time of the year!! Not in a Scrooge hating Christmas way, more like its a cold baron wasteland outside and there is nothing to grow or do right now. All my cuttings and plants I am saving for next year are in my greenhouse and only need some attention every now and then. My cloner is doing its thing out in the garage and doesn't need me to do anything to it.

I get lazy and fat this time of the year because I can't mow twice a week or go dig some holes in my yard. I just sit inside looking at gardening websites on my Ipad and wishing I lived somewhere that was sunny and 75 degrees year round so I wouldn't have to go through this every winter!

So I just look for inspiration and ideas until February comes around and I get into mad scientist mode and start growing all the things I grow, then after that last frost I can start digging, planting, mowing and burning off all that winter fat that I stored up!

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