Monday, June 3, 2013

Where to buy: Big Box Store vs. "Mom and Pop" Garden Center

When it comes to buying flowers most people think if they go to the local greenhouse or garden center they are buying a better quality plant, even though it cost three times as much as you would pay at Home Depot, Lowes or any other big box type store. The truth is most of these "Mom and Pop" garden places buy their plants from the exact same place that Lowes and Home Depot do. The big box stores buy in bulk and can afford to sell them cheaper, the local garden place doesn't buy as much so they don't get as good a deal which lowers their profit margin causing them to charge more. One advantage the little guy has over the big box is a more knowledgeable staff, most of the people that work at these places have a passion for gardening and are willing to share this with anyone that comes in to there business. The Big box store might have a few people working there with a little knowledge but more than likely its a nineteen year old kid with a hose that has been told to go out and spray the plants twice a day. So if you are looking for plants cheap the big box store is probably for you, but if you want someone with knowledge and a passion for the plants you are buying and don't mind paying for it the local garden center is the place to go. 

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