Friday, September 14, 2012

Tomorrows Tightwad Gardeners

Today I got to spread my gardening Knowledge with all the First Graders at Stephen Decatur Elementary.

They had been learning about composting in the classroom and I was able to bring in some real world examples of composting and explain to them why they should compost and the benefits of doing it. I brought in 2 mason jars, one filled with regular dirt that is common around here, and the other full of nice and rich compost. The kids got to poke at it, play with the worms that were in it and see what the differences between the two were. I also brought in a couple of Geraniums, one planted in compost dirt and the other planted in the regular dirt. Of course the compost Geranium was almost 4 times as big. All the kids had lots of questions and of course lots of comments about composting and gardening.

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